Nightime Illumination

My previous entry really made me stop and think last night. One picture…I “only” took one picture yesterday. That made me feel so sad! How could I only take one picture in an entire day?

As I thought about it, that little lightbulb that sits atop each of our heads went off above mine! I removed the Nikon from its bag and made sure the flash setting was set to the “off” position. Then I crept down the stairs and out to the strip of garden in front of the house…..

My mother-in-law bought me this adorable little stained-glass “look” solar light for Christmas. It came with a little shepherd’s hook to hang it on, and it has a set of windchimes on the bottom side of it. I made sure the light sat out in the full sun to charge it, but when I turned it on, it just never came on at night. So, clever girl that I am, I took it to Mark who took it apart and removed the little plastic strip in the battery compartment! Oops!

So, here it is, aglow, last night!


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  1. VERY cool light!!! Love the colors and I really love that it’s solar! I’ve been thinking of purchasing one of those little solar lights, but wasn’t sure just how much they would light up. Yours seems to be quite bright!!

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