Goodness Gracious! Gaggles of Geese!

Today was one of those super beautiful days when my trigger finger was itching, but there were numerous indoor tasks calling out my name.  Michelle’s friend asked her to attend her youth group this evening, and Michelle was excited about it, so Mark told her she could go.

I packed the Nikon camera bag and tucked the Panasonic into my purse. (Okay, so who am I kidding? The little camera LIVES in my purse.)

After dropping Michelle at the church, we were off. First, we went to a burger joint for cheeseburgers…after all, we had coupons! We drove on down the road to a supermarket to eat our burgers and then Ben helped me with returning our soda bottles and cans.

Once again, we were off….this time to Wal Mart, as the camo cargo shorts I picked up for Ben the other day weren’t quite “right”.  He wanted the more durable fabric, after all!  As all these activities were taking place, I saw the sun getting lower and lower in the western sky. And, there seemed to be a direct correlation between that setting sun and my agony from not being able to take pictures today. (carry-over from yesterday, don’t you know?)

The last item on the seemingly never-ending list of tasks included looking under the hood of the truck to see if the fuse for the cigarette lighter was blown. No one smokes in the truck, but with cell phones, laptops, an inverter, as well as GPS and assorted “sundries”, we need that receptacle working!

After discovering that a bonehead  technician had wrongfully placed a size 30 fuse in the fuse box where a 15 was supposed to go, Mark wanted to add a stop at the auto supply store. Ben confidently assured us he could pick up the correct fuses, so I wandered around the building to the back where I had spotted some “goose activity” when we initially pulled into the lot.

As a previous owner of geese, I understand that these birds deserve respect. After all, they can inflict a great deal of damage to anyone or thing that wishes to engage them. As the adult watched me, I could only compare that goose with Clint Eastwood, murmuring the words, “Go ahead and make my day!”


I never saw little ones eating so heartily!


Family of three….


One adult gave marching orders and the goslings began forward movement, save one chubby little gosling who continued plucking bright green strands of tender grass with total abandon. As though suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, the little gosling came to life and began racing after the others. Now, mind you, when I said “racing”, imagine a little bird running with all its might, while flapping its stubby little wings about in the air!

Thus, the “blur” below. No amount of image stablization would warrant a clear shot of this little cherubic wonder! Of course, my hysterical laughter made it nearly impossible to even keep the camera held in my hands!


Family of five with three large goslings….the parents were much more relaxed!


Family of eleven!


And my favorite photo of the day…..


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  1. Man, I just LOVE looking at all of your pics….made extra special because I know exactly where they are! That last picture is spectacular!!! Of course, I love all the geese pics with the mamas and babies, but that last one is really special!!

  2. Terrific last photo…I even made Jeff come look at it. His excitement didn’t match mine…oh, well. Hey, those aren’t babies, those are teen-age geese! I think they are funny-looking when they get to that awkward stage. Well, I am glad “Clint” didn’t chase you away…flashbacks of Charlie, LOL!

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