Great Scot(tie~)

When I walked to the door this afternoon, Murphy followed right behind me as he often does.  I tried to explain I was only going to be cleaning the camper up on the inside a bit….not a very fun thing to do! Still, he insisted he wanted to accompany me.

We walked down to the camper and went inside. Since the sun was shining, I left the door open and began working. Murphy jumped up on the couch and watched for awhile. Then, I saw his nose go up in the air, as though “smelling” something. He hopped down from the couch and sat in front of the screen door.  I smiled as I saw him tilt his head back and forth.  Thinking there might be a photo op in the situation, I got down next to him to see a little chipmunk scrambling about on a log on the ground.


Sad to say, I couldn’t catch that little chipper….he was far too fast for me. And so, this is the one and only photo I took today!  Hard to imagine, say I…..

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  1. I should have been out cleaning the RV today, but needless to say…had a bunch of stuff to do inside since we’ll be going again! Murphy is such a cute little guy. My girls just LOVE the chipmunks. Chloe can sit for hours just waiting for one to come along!!

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