Water, Water Everywhere!

This afternoon, after finishing her schoolwork,  Michelle asked if we might go to Canandaigua to exchange some clothes we bought the other day. I had wanted to go there myself, so I agreed.

The sky was cloudy and the day was chilly….not only cool, but somewhat windy here. I decided to take the “slow road”, AKA the lake road! As we worked our way up the lake towards Canandaigua, the sun began to shine and the temperature rose from 49 degrees to 57 degrees.

With the sun poking through, and the cool temperature, conditions were fabulous for photography. As we passed the Canandaigua Yacht Club, I told Michelle I had always wanted to take some pictures there. So, I pulled off the side of the road and began working!






Since it was getting close to dinner time, Michelle and I grabbed a snack at Taco Bell. And, since Mr. Murphy was with us, he got a drink of water as well! Doncha just love the way those big ole eyebrows drape over the side of the cup?


Murphy…..man, come on up for air!

Michelle and I shopped at three different stores, while little Murphy relaxed (and slept) in the truck. He is an amazing little companion in vehicles….very patient and relaxed!

Mark called in an order for a pizza when we finished shopping, so with a few spare minutes before picking up the pizza, Michelle and I drove on out the city pier and took just a few quick pictures….




If the photo below is expanded, you can see the gulls sitting on the breakwall.


It really is incredible how the lake changes from season to season.  This afternoon, after talking to Mark about it, I think we are going to get some kind of little watercraft that we can launch from Woodville so the kids can have some fun and get some exercise! (perhaps a canoe or inflatable dingy….hmmmm…better start looking for a waterproof cover for the camera as well!