Please Open!

If you never take the time to click on photos to expand them, please do today! I was so excited about these two pictures, although they could be much better….

The first is one I took early this morning. Since the kids were all sleeping, I grabbed my camera and went down by the road, where all the Indigo Buntings seem to hang out. I heard one a little farther down the road, so I traipsed off towards the singing…


And, late this afternoon, I heard a bunting outside the bedroom window. I am always game to catch a better picture of the Indigo Bunting, but as I looked, I realized I wasn’t looking at an Indigo Bunting at all! This is Indigo’s cousin…..this bird is called Lazuli Bunting.


I first spotted a Lazuli Bunting, named for the stone “Lapis Lazuli”, a couple of years ago as I walked along down by the road.  I had mistakenly thought it was an Eastern Bluebird, but only recently did I discover that the two buntings, both brightly blue-colored,  are often found living near one another.

As you can see, the discerning factor between the bunting “cousins” is Lazuli’s bright red breast. Okay, enough birdie excitement…I will now work on an entry for the parade we saw today!