A Day of Solemn Remembrance and Also Some Fun

This morning, Mark wanted to make a visit to the cemetery where his dad was laid to rest. My father-in-law used to talk this place up like crazy….he would tell us it was like being in a huge park!

The first business of the day was placing a flower arrangement at the gravestone. I get the honors of doing this every year.


With my camera in hand, I decided to wander around this cemetery just a little, as I never really looked around before. Near my father-in-law’s grave is the Korean War Memorial. (He was a Korean War veteran.)


Those big boulders have some nice etchings in them. Nearby is a memorial to servicemen and women, as well as monuments remembering firefighters and emergency people, as well as law enforcement people.


I continued my little stroll over towards this pretty gazebo.


And the path led to this water feature.


There are lot markers near this area that are in what seem like tiny areas. My best guess is that perhaps this area is where folks who were cremated have their ashes buried….The marker below (apparently the two lucky ducks are still here!) made me chuckle! Who would have thought one would find some humor at the cemetery?


As I walked back, I wondered about the statue I spotted in the distance. This cemetery only allows flat markers….no statuary here….but, this statue was really a marker for deceased infants. It was quite hard to see all the markers, realizing many of these little ones only lived a very short time.


Ben invited a couple of friends to spend the night tonight, so we picked them up on the way home.  A little later, I drove them over to the park to work off some of that super youthful energy!

How is this for a  gorgeous view?


There were so many wild Honeysuckle bushes growing all over throughout the woods. And, oh, were they fragrant!



One of Ben’s friends is a shutterbug, so both he and I grabbed our cameras when we saw this beautiful Trillium. I never saw so many plants all clustered together….and so BIG! My plants look tiny, comparatively!


Yeah, this one needs no explanation, as we all know the “nut doesn’t fall far from the tree”…Or, is that, “apple”?


If you expand this last photo, you can see a big, juicy Bumblebee working away on the pretty apple blossoms.


As you can see by the photos, we are enjoying our three-day-weekend, weather-wise. Tomorrow, the kids are going to a parade for Memorial Day.  Hopefully, we will be getting some sleep between now and then!