Shopping and Dinner on the Fly!

My entry on my blog was somewhat shameful yesterday. I think anyone could sense the depth of sarcasm and misery I was experiencing. And, that is after I “checked” myself, trying *not* to be sarcastic or miserable!

Life has been kind of slowly handing me a bit much these days….Mark has a wound that has yet to completely heal, even after about 5 weeks. For some unknown (to me!) reason, I have been going to bed the past several days with heartburn. Then, the news of a little girl being killed in such a tragic way…..well….let’s just say that yesterday is best left in the past.

Today, I got up and went out fairly early to mow the lawn. It takes a good hour, but now that Miss M. has requested I mow a “little extra” for when she wants to have a bonfire with her friends,  the time has increased by about another half an hour. So, I mowed around the house today, and tomorrow will be the swingset area. After I finished mowing, I trimmed bushes in the perennial garden and I think I must have removed about half of the wild Bleeding Heart! I can’t believe the thing has already spread out of control and it isn’t even the end of May!

I emptied the pool cover of all the rainwater and “green grunge” from the trees. The kids will be anxious to get the pool in operation soon, and that cover had to be cleaned off beforehand.

I helped Mark for awhile, then packed a couple of orders. Then, at about 4, Miss M. and I were off to go shopping. Although the day wasn’t nearly as warm as last month’s really unusual temperatures,  one could feel it warming throughout the day. I must admit, after having to make a small fire in the woodstove the past couple of days, the warmer temperature did feel welcome!

As we set out, the skies were very blue with puffy white clouds….


Since we all know it is unwise to shop for groceries when feeling hungry, I had Miss M. call Applebe’s Carside To Go.  Mark and the kids had planned on me picking up pizza on the way home when we were finished shopping.  Since heartburn and I have been a little too “friendly”, I told Mark I was not going to eat anything Italian, Mexican, or otherwise spicy or tomato-y! 


I ordered Smothered Chicken, which is a chicken breast with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese on top. This came with Applebee’s great mashed potatoes and some veggies.  I was so hungry, I ate my entire meal without photographing it! (gasp!)

One of the most nonsensical things a person might do is shop on Friday evening when it is a holiday weekend! It takes about 1/2 an hour to get to Canandaigua. So, the trip is about 1 hour. We didn’t arrive home until about 8:45. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the time….BUT, I know I stood in line at the deli for over 1/2 an hour, and I waited in lines to checkout for at least another 45 minutes.  If I add all the time I spent waiting, I guess it makes sense we were gone nearly 5 hours. And, that was with no “unnecessary” stops to take photos!

Since we live amongst the hills and trees, sunsets are not seen here! So of course, I had to stop….


Well, no heartburn! That is a happy beginning for me! Mark told me I will have to eat Smothered Chicken every night until my stomach behaves normally once again! Not sure I could do that much Applebee’s, but my, what a thought!