The Birds are Bright!

Today has been a somewhat introspective, if not sullen day for me.  Besides hearing bad news, the weather has been in a very dismal pattern that is far from “cheerful”!

This afternoon, I looked out my (chronically) dirty window to see the Goldfinches happily feeding at the Niger “sock”.  I can’t believe the intensity of the male’s “gold”. He would be more appropriately called Rocking Intense Yellow! Finch if I had to give him a moniker!


As I was working in the living room later this afternoon, I heard the very distinct chirp of a Cardinal.  I decided I would take my camera on the front porch with me, and if the bugger flew off, so be it!

I edged my way over to look at the side of the house. What I saw was (I think?) an immature male feeding on sunflower seeds that had fallen to the ground! He really gave me and the Nikon the “once over”……


Then turned so I could see his full handsome physique. Isn’t he pretty? I am thinking this is a male, as the bird was small in stature for a cardinal, and its feathers look a bit messy.


So, I am going to sign off and just relax for a little bit. (hmmm….maybe not….I just remembered a load of clothes in the washing machine.)

A Sad Day in Christian Music

This morning, I was so saddened to hear of the death of one of Steven Curtis Chapman’s little adopted Chinese daughters. The whole thing was a terrible, terrible tragic accident and the family needs much prayer, I am sure.

Rather than hash out the story here, I will provide this link regarding the story.

Chapman recently released a wonderful song entitled Cinderella which he says was inspired by his adopted daughters. It is a beautiful song that touches the heart of any father who loves his “special girl(s)”. It can be found on You Tube,  if you care to take a look. Just go there and type in “Steven Curtis Chapman”.

Mark always tells me that in this world, there is no end to sad stories.  I do believe he is correct….