A Better Day! Well, Kinda…

What could be more challenging than another day of our ugly weather? Well, how about waking up with a miserable headache? Unfortunately, that was the order of the day. I suffered through a tension-type headache (in the back of my head and down my neck) until it finally subsided at about 4 this afternoon. I hate headaches like that! And especially since I didn’t feel overly-stressed at all!

We had a few breaks today when the sun poked through the clouds and the brisk winds of yesterday were only a (bad) memory. When the sun came out for a little, I took the Nikon outside and looked around to see what I might see. Unfortunately, those beautiful songbirds that come to the feeder make themselves invisible when I come around with a camera. I can hear them in the trees above my head, but to actually see them is another story!

So, I settled for a honeybee on a dandelion. Interesting….this afternoon, as I was looking at the weather, there was a blurb about honeybees featured. It said that one of the reasons they seem to be diminishing is because they don’t have as acute sense of smell as they did previously. The culprit is smog.


I have several color combinations of Columbines growing in my garden, but this purple one is by far my favorite! It also happens to be the first variety to bloom!


I thought it was so perfect the way these wood violets planted themselves at the base of a tree….neatly nestled against the bark.


Since I felt so miserable for the better part of the day, when Michelle mentioned getting a pizza for dinner, I jumped at the chance! We drove down to Naples to pick it up, and I drove on down a little south of the village to take a couple of photos……

The first is looking northward towards the village….I was too lazy to pop out of the truck, but when I saw the road reflected in the rear view mirror, I really liked the way this came out……


I asked Michelle to take a photo of the powerful-looking sky and she really got a few nice shots. This was my favorite.


We stopped at the little produce market and I got a wonderful Fuchsia plant. It is so big and beautiful. Tomorrow I will photograph it and put it up. For now, it is getting late and I am so exhausted from my busy (not!) day!