Feels Like…..March!

|Last night’s weather forecast called for more bad weather today….But, being somewhat of a “Pollyanna”, I thought perhaps things *might* be better than the weatherman predicted.

I awakened at 5:30 am, which is my regular “rise and shine” time. Yikes! The house felt as though it was freezing! After taking care of the Scotties, I rushed about making a fire in the woodstove. After about an hour, the house was toasty warm and feeling so much better. However, on the last trip out to the woodshed, I was slightly disturbed by the hail falling on my head! (tiny little pellets, but this is May!)

Later in the day, when I walked to the mailbox at about noon, the trees were swaying like crazy and guess what greeted me once again? Yes, another bout of hail! Ugh….

The kids had youth group tonight, so after dropping them off, I went for a short trip onto some back roads….as I drove, there were bright blue patches of sky above me! I saw some of the most outstanding views I have seen in this area. No, I didn’t photograph them, as they are special “treasures” that I will keep only in my heart. (unless someone comes along for a ride and begs to see them!)

I wound up down in Vine Valley once again, and the lake before me looked as though it was troubled and about to “boil over”! I got out of the truck to photograph it, and it was all I could do to push the door open. The wind was simply overwhelming!


As I struggled to stay erect, I saw three Mallard drakes bobbing about in the water….it was rather amusing trying to photograph them, as it was a game of “now you see ’em, now you don’t”! Their little heads would appear, then disappear!


As I opened the door and hopped into the truck, a little Robin landed on a fence across from me…..it looked as though it was staring in wonderment at me! (probably wondering why this insane woman was at the beach on such a day!)


I sat in the truck, talking on the phone to Mark (who was sensible enough to remain at home!) when suddenly a whole waterfowl parade passed before me! It actually consisted of several Mallard ducks, four sets of Canada Geese with their little goslings, as well as a whole flock of swallows swooping all over the place!


Those little goslings are incredible…..they stay right in line with their parents, never wandering this way or that! Amazing…..perhaps we humans could take a few lessons from the geese!

Tomorrow’s weather is promising to warm up a bit. We will see, we will see! |