Ugly, Ugly Weather!

Today is so ugly….how ugly, you ask?

So ugly, it would have been better to stay in bed. All day! It is cold! drizzly, miserable. 

So, I can show you some dumb flower pictures I took yesterday….




I could show you my terrifically warm Buffalo Sabres sweatshirt I have been wearing all day…..even in the house!


Or, how about my really totally messed-up Christmas Cactus that is still blooming and setting even more buds with each passing day!


I went into the closet to hang some clothes up, when my eyes lit upon Ben’s famous (well, it was a hit here with Mark, hahaha!) baby scrapbook!

Scrapping became quite the vogue thing to do when Michelle and Ben were babies. It is hard to believe I ever had the time to scrap, but I remember taking a whole roll of pictures and then rushing to Wegman’s to have them developed! I was so excited, I could hardly wait the hour for them to be developed!


It’s funny looking at the little smiley faces of babies looking into the camera. So hard to imagine that time has passed by so quickly!


I really liked this photo. I embroidered the teddy bears on that little blanket. Where did I ever find the time?  The blanket was called “Angel Teddies”, so I called this photo Angel Baby!


I just KNOW I took this photo of the kids just yesterday……so it seems, anyway.


Okay, Dear Reader, I won’t bore you with any more of those old photos. At the time, I had a Minolta X-700 SLR camera, but as the kids moved so rapidly, Mark bought me a smallish Nikon oint-and-shoot.  I used that camera until 1999. In May of that year, Mark purchased a new computer, and while he was at it, he introduced me to the world of digital photography. I do believe the wonderful Kodak camera he purchased was a 1.2 megapixel unit. It took horrible pictures, and after about 12 photos, the batteries needed to be recharged! But, the magic of seeing my photos instantly was beyond what I could even imagine!

It is amazing how rapidly technology has progressed, isn’t it?  And, amazing how photos from the past can make a really ugly day seem not *quite* so ugly!