And, Regarding the Previous Entry…

When Ben was a wee little laddie of about three or four,  people must have mistakenly thought that Mark worked for Disney.  You see, our dear little fellow would explain, upon inquiry, that his dad was a “magical engineer”!  Ah yes, that one syllable between “magical” and “mechanical” was too insurmountable in Ben’s young vocabulary. I must say, though, there were times when I, too, was convinced that Mark’s capabilities did indeed verge on “magical”!  After all, he had no inkling, nor inclination to build a house until we were married and I convinced him it “could be done”!

As I mentioned to Mark my brilliant idea of adding a little (teeny-tiny)  balcony off the bedroom, he became quite pensive. Ah, thought I…perhaps?

After some time, Mark made a suggestion. He told me to remove the screen from the one window (the other is sans screen, as that is the window I use for non-“scarey” birds, like female Goldfinches…I can open it just enough to scoot the lens of the camera out and snap a picture without the dear little girlies feeling threatened by my appearance!) and place the feeder INSIDE the room.  Then, he rationalized, I would be known as the “Bristolwood Bird Woman”!

Harrumph! There goes but one more of my clever and fine ideas….down the tube! That’s okay….there are plenty more where that came from!