So I’ve Been Thinking….

Today was a rather busy day. The kids were going to (only) have two friends over for dinner, then Mark was taking them to see the movie Prince Caspian. I hopped out of bed, took care of the Scottie boys, then made up some macaroni salad and three dozen chocolate chip cookies.

The boys came over at 2, so I had a break for awhile, then I began cooking dinner. As soon as everyone was finished, it was time to head on out the door for the movie. One of the boys asked if I didn’t like C.S. Lewis writings…to which I replied that it is nearly impossible for me to sit still long enough to watch a movie!

As I was enjoying my “alone time”, I suddenly had this wonderful brainstorm! I was looking at the many photos I took yesterday of the Cardinals….most all of my bird photos are taken through the windows. Sad, but true….So (here’s the brainstorm!) why not put a little balcony outside of the bedroom?

We could just replace the double windows with French doors…..


And add a nice little balcony. It needn’t be anything fancy. Heaven knows I just need a little space where I could sit very still and shoot away! The trees are located about 30 feet from the house, so my little balcony could get me even a tad closer to the birds!

Well, it certainly doesn’t cost anything to dream! Of course, if I got that balcony, there would probably be no way to get me to come inside!