Wrong Way!


This evening, Mark and I dropped the kids off at the youth group and we drove on up to Canandaigua.  I was so hungry, so I told Mark a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s would be just the ticket.

After ordering, we were asked to pull ahead, as they had to make the sandwich and it would take a few minutes. As we sat waiting, Mark chuckled and asked for the camera…a little Mallard drake was quacking beneath his open window, begging for french fries or a little bread. Since we had nothing, he turned and walked away, behind the truck!

That brave little soul walked right up to the order window! And yes, he did indeed waddle off (briskly!) when the car began to pull ahead!

You Wouldn’t Wanna Stay!

At the Canandaigua Econo Lodge!

I had posted photos previously of the seemingly meticulous razing of this building….the front walls had been torn off, exposing the individual rooms. I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t just doze the whole kit and kaboodle in one easy swipe!

I took these photos a few weeks ago, but believe it or not, the sign still remains!


This is what was left……


The piles in these photos have since been mechanically ‘crushed’, resulting in what looks like a small mountain of gravel!


Wouldn’t you think the sign should be removed? haha!

Since the building was demolished, there is a really nice view of the water park now.  It really did improve the look! However, there is a big sign on that rental fence stating that the property is for lease, with the owner willing to build to suit.