It is Such a Big, Big World!

Since my eyes have been feeling like they are going to permanently cross from grading work, I agreed to accompany the kids, along with two friends on a hike through a steep ravine. This features waterfalls and the like.  Hey, I do have Indian bloodlines! (yeah, I am probably about 1/100)

Actually, this type of adventure is right up my alley. I love walking and I really can climb just like a goat if I want to!

So, never experiencing the place before, we set out. One of the fellows with us had visited this area earlier this week, so he was familiar with the hike.

It is late and I am tired, so I am only going to show a couple of pictures.  Now, before anyone throws rotten tomatoes, let me tell you that I <ahem> kind of walked off without my camera again! This time, however, I do have a good and logical explanation, but I shan’t bore you, dear reader, to tears! Let’s just say I left BOTH cameras home for a “good cause”. Michelle, however, was “equipped”!

We were surrounded on each side by towering shale walls….


I slowed down a little to photograph the vastness of this ravine. As you can see, the kids look tiny!


We walked all the way to a waterfall. No idea just how far we wandered, but it was a pretty good hike. What kept it interesting was the fact that we had to cross over the water several times; the paths never stayed on one side very long. We all learned quickly to test rocks before putting weight upon them, lest we tumble into the water. No one fell in, but certain people just kind of couldn’t help themselves and went right into the water! (no, not I!)

We walked back from this explore and I was so hungry, I could have eaten my hand! So, I drove everyone to Naples where we enjoyed a fabulous pizza at a playground. It was a superb day…..bright blue skies, not too hot….and just fun being with these teens.

After the pizza, we trekked off to another area. I will try to post photos and some more tomorrow! For now, the bed is calling my name and I am so pleasantly exhausted!