Piled Under Paperwork!

Our kids, being homeschoolers, do most all of their schoolwork on the computer. As wonderful as that sounds, there is still a certain amount of grading that I must do. And, grading is comparable to paperwork in my mind! I am just so hopelessly miserable while doing this task. While others find grading no problem at all, I labor over answers, often asking the kids to come to me and explain their answer so I can see whether they are on the right track, or not. Yes, I suppose I do make a mountain out of a molehill…..God bless anyone called to teaching…I could never do it just because of the paperwork!

Realizing I was going to be swamped today with my little task, I placed a meatloaf into the CrockPot this morning and considered myself one clever girl!  I wanted to run to Naples later in the day when I would need a (well-deserved…in *my* mind!) break! I needed some potatoes to make mashed potatoes for dinner. Michelle begged me to buy something “sweet”, and I produced a little pamphlet I received yesterday from Land o’ Lakes. It  had a recipe for brownies made with semi-sweet chocolate chips and topped with Reese’s peanut butter cups coarsely cut up. She looked at the picture for about 2 seconds, then perused the recipe. She then sent me on my way to the grocery store for a bag of chocolate chips and peanut butter cups.

Ben decided he needed a little break and accompanied me to Naples. As we drove a short distance from home, we passed a consignment shop for children that has really nice clothing. I went past, then looped back around to get a picture….


How cute are these raincoats with matching umbrellas?

I quickly picked up the goods I needed from the little produce market while Ben went into another store across the street, looking for chocolate chips and peanut butter cups. He found the peanut butter cups, but no chocolate chips. Another stop!

I parked along the main street while Ben ran into the grocery store. I hopped out of the truck to take couple of pictures…..


Beautiful cherry (judging from the bark) trees line the street in their blossoming splendor!

One of the ‘strangest’ things I had seen in Naples was the purple fire hydrants!


I remember watching people with little buckets of paint, brushes in hand, hand-painting each hydrant in the village! Of course, Naples is known for its grapes and Widmer Wine Cellars, so of course the hydrants should be purple!

I stopped at a very small area near the lake designated as a wildlife area. I was not disappointed! There was a Canada Goose couple resting in the grass with their four little ones!



As soon as I arrived home, I put the potatoes on to cook and Michelle set out on her brownie-making campaign.  Everything was delicious, and I felt as though I never even cooked! As soon as I finished my meal, I went back to the dreaded grading, only feeling as though I needed to move around a bit. Perhaps I suffer from ADD…I found myself in the back yard, mowing the very tall grass by the swings! I mowed for about half an hour, just cutting the longest grass, then came back in the house.

Michelle’s brownies were crying for me to try one from the table, so I grabbed a plate and glass of milk. EGADS! Michelle has just scored 200% on her home economics course! Hmmm….wonder if that means I needn’t grade any more of her coursework?