Nature at its Best!

Guess who is still knocking himself out? (nearly literally!)


Yeah, we have become quite accustomed to this silly little bird. Now, when we hear tapping on the window, we know exactly what is going on. Michelle is afraid the poor little fellow is going to hurt himself badly!

This afternoon, we had to run to Canandaigua. While Mark and Ben went into the auto supply store, I decided to wander to the back of the store to see if there were any geese or ducks back there…..

Behind several businesses, there is a long and narrow pond.  On the other side of the pond is a water park. The pond is beautiful, and many times it almost seems to emit a calm and serene “feeling” to onlookers as geese and ducks gently move about on its glass-like surface. The buildings in the photo below are part of the water park. If the photo is expanded, one can see a waterslide or two.


The geese were just enjoying the warmth of the sun.


As I came closer, they got up and slipped into the water.


I stood observing the geese and just about missed something else!

I looked over at the bright green grass and saw the most interesting little *rodent*! I slowly slipped closer and closer, wondering just how close I might get…..


The little bugger was gorging so gleefully, it didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I kept getting closer and closer, then decided to back off a bit as I wasn’t exactly sure what I was even looking at!!!!

I did get some nice shots with that little Panasonic camera! I did indeed commit to never forgetting a camera again after last night!

At first, I was wondering if this little fellow was a young beaver, but in looking at Wikipedia, I have decided my little subject is a Muskrat! The thing that gave it away was the long, round tail as opposed to a beaver’s more flat tail. If you expand this picture, please notice the green blade of grass on the critter’s nose…so comical!


I never, in my wildest imaginings, thought I would see a little Muskrat wandering about in a busy area of Canandaigua!  This may have solved a curious little observation I made while photographing the boathouses at the city pier in Canandaigua. As I was working with my long lens, I saw “something” slide off a rock and into the water.  As it was more of a peripheral sighting, the only element about it that I could verify was that whatever “it” was had a long rather “ratlike” tail. I was totally appalled, thinking that perhaps it was a rat! In reading about Muskrats, (or Musquash) I discovered they were described as looking like a cross between a beaver and a rat. Aha! Mystery solved! Isn’t nature grand?

Kicking Myself in the Behind!

No photos today. 

Last evening, I drove the kids to their youth group, then decided  to retreat to the hills! Not far from the church where I drop them off is a road that leads up to the “spine” of a wonderful hill. It is so beautiful up on top of the hill, and years ago when Michelle was a baby, I would go for rides up there with her. I haven’t been there since!

Before I began the hill climb, I came to a turn in the road….as I looked over to the left side of the road, there was a huge dead tree. Sitting there, looking so much like a cartoon, seven or eight Turkey Vultures were perched, their stature resembling a hunched over old man!

I had left the Nikon camera home in its “bigger than life” (well, Mark thinks it is huge!) case. I had opted to bring the little Panasonic camera instead.

As I reached into my purse to grab the little camera out, I suddenly realized it was not in my purse at all….it was still at home, sitting on (of ALL places) the kitchen counter. Yup, I completely forgot to put it into my purse.

At this point, I resolved myself to “not cry over spilled milk”.  The camera on my cell phone stinks, so I just continued on my way, trigger finger itching like crazy.  I saw a pretty doe and a female turkey. Would have been nice to have the camera…

I continued on my way, ending up near Vine Valley. I drove down to the lakeshore and sat and watched Home and Garden  television. My, what an exciting evening…..