When Chores Involve Some Fun!

Last night we decided that we would go out and attend to some necessary chores today. We needed to take a trip to Rochester, as I had ordered contact lenses at Sam’s Club and it was time to replace my other pair.

We arrived at Sam’s and I went into the store by myself….Mark had a short list of things he wanted me to pick up, as well as the contacts.  As I made my way to the meat case, I had to pass the flowers.


These colors just really brightened my day! Oh yeah, what do you suppose Mark and the kids would be saying if they knew I was in the store snapping pictures?


And I had to photograph the potted Tulips. They were so stunning, sitting up above the flower case. Sam’s was so crowded, I thought I would never make it back out again! I loaded the groceries into a cooler we brought along with us and we were off…..

We had purchased season passes to Darien Lake, as this is such a fun place for the kids. They enjoy the amusement park so much and the passes only cost about the price of two visits per person. We always go for Homeschooling Week and the passes get us in without further cost. And so we were off again, this time heading to Darien Lake to redeem our vouchers for season passes.

The weather this morning was very dark, grey, and drizzly! (in Scotland, this would be referred to as “dreich”) After stopping at Sam’s this afternoon,  the skies began clearing and turning a beautiful blue! Every other year, the park closed at 5 in the afternoon during May. This year, under new management, the park remains open until 8 pm. All the better for us, as we didn’t arrive until about 4:30.



I love the fountain below….it is fun the way the water flows from the mouths of the fish.



After getting our new passes to the park, the kids were off to ride and have some fun! Mark and I went into the park and wandered around a little. There is a new roller coaster that was added and he wanted to see it.

In walking to the back of the park where the new ride is located, we crossed over a small wooden bridge. There are machines on the bridge filled with food to feed ducks and geese. Since I was sporting the new camera, I coerced Mark into throwing the little food pieces into the water, one piece at a time!


As soon as we turned the handle to get our food from the machine, this goose became quite interested in us!

I don’t think I have ever been so close and afforded such a grand opportunity to photograph a Canada Goose as I was today!  Just look at that face!


If you observe the next photo closely, you will see a very large fish swimming in the water…many of these fish appeared to be approximately 3 feet long! (no fish story, here!) Every now and then, a large mouth would appear, breaking the water, and gobbling up the food meant for the ducks and geese!


For once, I didn’t need to quack….not even once….this little fellow was food-driven, and he certainly knew to come as soon as he heard the grinding sound of the machine turning!




Darien Lake Theme Park offers two different types of accommodations for guests. The first is rental campers…..


Or, hotel rooms. Either way, the rates ares somewhat pricey for us. We do camp while visiting the park, but take our camper to Darien Lake State Park, which is located only a short distance from the theme park.


Mark and I finally reached the new “Moto Coaster”.


The kids rode and had fun traipsing about the grounds. Mark and I retreated to the truck, where we sat and watched Home and Garden TV on the laptop. The Scotties were thrilled to sit with us rather than being crated!

We left the park at about 8, and boy oh boy! Did we have two very tired teens by the time we got home!