>>Shakin’<< with Excitement!

So….I must confess….this morning, I  have accomplished nothing. Nada. The dishes from last night are still sitting on the counter. (not many, but messy) My bed is still unmade. I did feed the Scots and take them out, so no need to feel guilty on that account!

After taking a rather leisurely bath, I went into the bedroom and plopped down on top of the unmade bed and propped the laptop onto my folded knees.  Ah, relaxation!

As I hopped about, looking at blogs and reading a little on the internet, I was aware of a “funny noise”. I glanced over at the window…..arghhhhh! I am beginning to wonder….There, clinging onto the frame of the window was……MR. GOLDFINCH!!! Good GRIEF! The feeder is downstairs, NOT near the bedroom window. Alas, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am being pursued by a tiny, brightly-colored finch…..

I had taken the photo of the Red-Breasted Woodpecker earlier this morning from the bedroom, so after Mr. Golfinch’s shenanigans, I was kind of keeping an eye out to see if he would try that stunt again.

I do keep an ear open, as well, as sometimes I hear a “new song” in the trees. And so it happened this morning. Curious as to whom this pretty song was coming from, I got up and looked out the window. Egads!

I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to capture an Indigo Bunting! No big deal, I guess, as I have seen them down near the road in years past. However, I have never seen one near the house, nor have I photographed one! If you expand the photos below, you can see my pretty little fellow more closely. I could have cropped the photos, but I really hate doing that. (More laziness on my behalf? Not really…I like to show my photos in their “whole”!)





You can’t read here for more than a day or two without knowing that blue is my most favorite color of all! So, you can certainly see just why I was shaking so with excitement!!!

Spring in Full Swing!

We can tell that Spring has really arrived by the many sights and sounds.  And, this is probably one of the nicest Springs we have enjoyed in a long time here in the Bristolwood.  The weather has been really nice for this time of the year.

As I was sitting in the bedroom today, I caught a glimpse of my little Red-Breasted Woodpecker. Although the colorful red patch on his head provided so much color against the greys and browns of winter tree trunks, the red is really now outstanding against the palette of green leaves. In the Spring, it seems like colors are so intense!


If you enlarge the photo above, you can see that it looks as though that woodpecker is staring right at me!


Ah yes, another definite sign of Spring is the Trillium in bloom in the woods. I will never tire of photographing this particular plant. It is in the most wonderful setting….located just in front of a huge old tree stump. We were told our property had been logged several years before we purchased it….evidence abounds in tree stumps here and there.

We have a front that has moved in, causing wildly-blowing wind and a chill in the air.  We received much needed rain and the skies are supposed to be clearing some later in the day. 

I certainly hope you will be able to get out and enjoy this Spring day no matter where you are!