Bristolwood Funny Farm

The funny farm tour begins with Murphy, my (very) animated little Scottie.  Yesterday morning, it was fairly chilly outside and after our little jaunt in the woods, Murphy went upstairs and jumped up on the couch  to take a little Scottie nap. That in itself isn’t unusual, but the way he plopped his head on the pillow was rather humorous!  I had a sweater of mine sitting on the couch, so I placed it on top of the sleepy boy. I was totally surprised as he continued his nap, as though unaware of my presence…..


Yesterday afternoon, I was alerted to a different noise. It was a curious little tapping noise that wasn’t the typical one when birds sit on the feeder at the window and tap away to open sunflower seeds. This one had a different pitch and wasn’t the same….

I went over near the window and got the funniest little show!

Look at the *mean* look on this little finch’s face! Does he not look mean?


Suddenly, the brightly-colored warrior turns to his side as though to size up his adversary…


Absolutely confident that the “other” finch is no match for him, the little fellow decides to voice his distaste and try to frighten him away, vocally!


And, if all else fails, hop into a forward stance, and ATTACK!


The kids and I were laughing so wildly, it was nearly impossible to even capture these pictures!

I am so grateful that when God created the heavens and the earth, he gave us animals and birds to brighten our days….in more ways than we could imagine!