Before you make a comment regarding my misspelling of the word “addendum”, let me advise you it was intended to be spelled such as I entered it! haha!  The reason is because a little after I posted the previous entry to this blog, my little Rose-Breasted Grosbeak made an appearance in the tree outside the bedroom window. This time, I was able to capture his “backside”…thus, the misspelling!

I love this little fellow’s coloration, particularly the red bib, but the black and white tailfeathers are pretty cool, too!


Morning Visitor

A very sad fact to my own mind is that my children do not share in my zealous fascination with nature.  Whereas I act like a child who has witnessed something new for the very first time,  my kids merely shake their heads, more in apathetic compliance than because they are the least bit interested in what I am sharing. Very sad, indeed…

You cannot imagine the shock this morning as Michelle raced into the house after taking a letter to be mailed to the mailbox….she then raced up the stairway, mumbling something about a bird outside and color.  She did manage to tell me she was getting her camera, so I told her to grab my camera bag as well. If Michelle was truly excited, this certainly *must* warrant a photo after all!

I placed the big lens on my camera and by the time I got outside, Michelle was standing on the lawn, taking pictures! I looked up at the feeder and there sat a beautiful male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak….




Isn’t he beautiful in his bright red bib? I love these birds and they sing a lovely song in the early morning and evening. This little fellow was so accomodating, allowing me to stand within maybe 10 feet of the feeder. He watched me, feasting on sunflower seeds all the while!

Huh….perhaps it is time to do some rethinking and nurturing. Perhaps Michelle will share some of my interest in nature after all! I do remember little ooh’s and aah’s upon sharing things with her when she was a tiny half-pint, after all! The fact that she loves her new camera might just be a sign of hope after all?