Do You Ever…..

Find yourself attracted to a silly little item at the store that just seems kind of “stupidly necessary”? Well, I do!

Such was the case the other day. I was shopping at Wal Mart, looking in the first aid section of the pharmacy.  I saw this little offering….a small tube of Neosporin, along with 3 (yes, isn’t that generous?) Band Aid brand bandaids.  The best part is a little plastic container was included where everything (bet I can fit in a LOT more bandaids, though!) can be placed.



Yeah, it is just another of the “gadget” thingies that will end up in my bottomless pit purse!

And, the reason I am talking about this? Ugh….

This morning, it was chilly in the house, so I decided to cut some small branches up to burn in the woodstove.  These branches are quite small, so I cut through them about 3/4 of the way with a hand saw, then smack them against a stone to break the pieces off.

Well…..I cut through a small piece of maple that was hard as a ROCK! I took the branch and smacked it against the rock…..OH NO! My finger was in there, so as I struck the rock…VERY hard!…I took the skin off an area about 1/2″ square on my ring finger. It wasn’t deep, but as I looked at the piece of skin hanging about ready to fall off, I felt like I needed to sit down before I fell down! After regaining my composure, I went in the house, doused the finger with peroxide, then administered a bandaid slathered with Neosporin onto the finger.  And, even with the bandaid on, it is burning like crazy. And, the finger is swollen! Poor, poor, pitiful me!

I didn’t use my new little kit, as I used all the “stuff” tucked away in the linen closet. But, it is nice to know if this ever happens while we are out camping or such, I will be all set!