Kicking Around Canandaigua

Yesterday afternoon, I had to make a quick run to Canandaigua. Michelle decided to seize the opportunity and readied herself in record time. We rushed out the door, both making sure we had our cameras with us!

I came to a stop at the light across from the Ontario County Courthouse. How pretty it looked against the blue sky. Hey, I should take a picture! I grabbed the camera and the light turned.  Oops….hope the people behind me didn’t mind too much! And, to my utter surprise, not one horn honked!


Well, so it isn’t a great photo….but, I love the color. I guess I am color-starved, because I just wanted to see all the pretty colors! And speaking of color….

Michelle and I were both hungry, so I pulled into Wendy’s. How do you like this colorful menu board?


Since I hate eating in fast food restaurants, I turned down the lake road and parked at the city pier.  The lake was a splendid pale aquamarine color and the boathouses looked so beautiful!



Michelle spotted a single Mallard Drake floating around near the boathouses…..

Me: Michelle, watch this…..(quack, quack, quack…)

Michelle: Mom, people are going to think you are crazy!

Me: So?



What can I say? Those drakes just love me! hehehe…

Look at this beautiful sailboat! Not too much longer till Summer!


As we were getting ready to come back home, I saw purple….had to stop and smell the Lilacs! They were just opening and the smell…intoxicating!


And one photo from today….I definitely have got to clean my windows!!!


Oh, and as I walked the Scotties in the woods today, it was snowing! Gotta love this weather!!!

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  1. Yeah, Sarah mentioned when we went out this afternoon that it was warmer out now that it had snowed… I looked at her like she was crazy, but I guess it really did!

  2. Your pictures of Canandaigua are great!! It’s amazing to see my own city through the eyes of someone else. Glad I’m not the only person who takes their camera EVERYWHERE!! It really was weird today when it was sunny out AND it snowed. You’re right…gotta love it!

    Oh! And I love the blog post about your Scotties eating lettuce….LOL

  3. The lake pictures are excellent – you’ve caught the water movement beautifully. The colours are vibrant just now. They can get a bit washed out later in the year.

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