Kicking Around Canandaigua

Yesterday afternoon, I had to make a quick run to Canandaigua. Michelle decided to seize the opportunity and readied herself in record time. We rushed out the door, both making sure we had our cameras with us!

I came to a stop at the light across from the Ontario County Courthouse. How pretty it looked against the blue sky. Hey, I should take a picture! I grabbed the camera and the light turned.  Oops….hope the people behind me didn’t mind too much! And, to my utter surprise, not one horn honked!


Well, so it isn’t a great photo….but, I love the color. I guess I am color-starved, because I just wanted to see all the pretty colors! And speaking of color….

Michelle and I were both hungry, so I pulled into Wendy’s. How do you like this colorful menu board?


Since I hate eating in fast food restaurants, I turned down the lake road and parked at the city pier.  The lake was a splendid pale aquamarine color and the boathouses looked so beautiful!



Michelle spotted a single Mallard Drake floating around near the boathouses…..

Me: Michelle, watch this…..(quack, quack, quack…)

Michelle: Mom, people are going to think you are crazy!

Me: So?



What can I say? Those drakes just love me! hehehe…

Look at this beautiful sailboat! Not too much longer till Summer!


As we were getting ready to come back home, I saw purple….had to stop and smell the Lilacs! They were just opening and the smell…intoxicating!


And one photo from today….I definitely have got to clean my windows!!!


Oh, and as I walked the Scotties in the woods today, it was snowing! Gotta love this weather!!!