Meet the Finches (Gold, that is!)

I mentioned here before that I had purchased a special Finch “feeder” that is actually a special “sock” fabric with holes just large enough for the birds to get the Niger Seed out without spilling it on the ground.

 I placed that feeder right next to the feeder that I have black oil sunflower seeds in…..and I waited. And waited. Finally, Goldfinches seem to have appeared from nowhere! But…alas….they gleefully lodged themselves in the regular feeder to fill their little bellies.



Mrs. Finch at the “Finch-feeder”!

Note: Mrs. Finch appeared and heartily ate at the “sock”. She was seemingly very unchallenged by our presence…she rarely flew away if I moved inside the house. The male finches, however, were another story. They seem far more timid!


 You have no idea how much time I wasted consumed, sitting quietly on the hearth, camera mounted atop my monopod, wired to my remote shutter release in my sweaty, anxiety-ridden palm! When the mister appeared, I think I must have taken 3 million photos!

However, my very favorite photo of all, regarding the Finches has got to be this one. It is such a favorite, I have titled it!




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