Exploring in the Hills

On Sunday, I needed to run down to the village of Naples to grab some produce…there is a small roadside business that sells flowers for the garden, baked goods, and fresh produce. I love their produce as it is fresh and the prices are very moderate compared to the grocery store.

As I wandered down the steep hill leading into Naples, I saw *them*…..Those grand behemoth towers that have caused normal peaceable people to turn into very upset folks….or, very happy folks…

You must remember that I suffer from the “Wanderlust” affliction, and as such, there was no way I could keep the truck from wandering into the hills to have a better look-see at the towers. I will make no statements regarding these generators, as I have made my own personal feelings known here in the past. Rather, I will show the towers in their various states of installation and also some photos from the hills where they stand…











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  1. What ARE those towers anyway? I don’t think I’ve seen any of them around here…of course you were closer to Naples I think when you were taking these pictures. But, I don’t recognize these things and am wondering what the heck they are?

  2. Bichonpawz, these towers are part of the huge wind generators that have caused a good deal of controversy in small communities with lofty hilltops suitable for installation. They are very big….almost impossible to imagine without actually seeing them in person. Many feel they spoil the scenery…some folks claim they are noisy.
    These units are part of the Cohocton Windfarm, which is still a work in progress. Once in working order, they will be hooked into the national electric “grid”. I have read statistics which state one tower can supply enough electricty to support 250 households.
    If you expand the 4th photo from the bottom, you can see how large these generators are.

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