Venturing Forth in Penn Yan

I tried to work on this entry last night, but my connectivity kept wavering, so I decided to just wait until this morning! The joys of computers!

When I went to pick Ben up on Saturday, I was anxious to walk about this lovely village. Penn Yan  is located on one of the Finger Lakes….Keuka Lake is somewhat “y” shaped, with an east and west branch. Penn Yan is on the northern end of the east branch. It is also the county seat of the county of Yates.

Ben and Michelle’s friend lives on Main Street. This is a beautiful street that looks alive and brimful of history! I was confused, as at first, I thought the street to the west of Main Street was Main, as it is another main entrance into the village.

Let’s begin my (albeit very short) foot tour.  Of course, how could I begin without shooting up into this tree? I am not at all aware of the type of tree this is, but it was full of beautiful white flowers!


For a tiny community not much larger than 5,000, Penn Yan offers many “flavors” when it comes to faith. One need only to take a small walk down Main Street to see five different denominations represented! And that is probably within one mile.  I was quite smitten by the castle-like appearance of the Methodist Church.


These are not my best photos. It was very warm (82 degrees, Fahrenheit) and as anyone who reads here knows, I just have an enormously hard time with heat.  For this photo, I crossed the street and walked down a driveway quite a bit and got down on one knee…..I was working with my large lens and was too lazy to change it. People on the porch of the house next door thought it was quite the sport to observe me, so I didn’t get such a great photo! But, I do believe one can see this is a large and impressive church. Here is a photo of the bell tower….


A short distance from the Methodist Church was Fox’s Bed and Breakfast. This is such a beautiful home….it brings to my mind a large southern plantation home with the pillars in front! You might notice the little sign next to the driveway…..apparently, Yates County presented a very unexpected  occupancy tax last December which blindsided most residents.


Not far away is this pretty Episcopal Church.


One of Penn Yan’s treasures has got to be Birkett Mills.  Established in 1797, they have been providing buckwheat products since! (it was at the Birkett Mills site that I found the name Penn Yan came about as it honored its Pennsylvania and Yankee settlers)


I must admit that I had seen this rather curious black “circle” on the side of this building several times, but never really knew what it said or why it was there…..


It was only after photographing it that I made the discovery of its presence! It is the griddle used to make the world’s largest pancake in 1987, during Penn Yan’s Annual Buckwheat Harvest Festival! (note how tiny the full-size pickup truck beneath it looks!)

At this point, I wandered along a side street and came down another with some newer buildings on it. One of the buildings was this beautiful fire department. I was admiring those horns on top of the building, thinking the entire village must certainly hear them when they alert volunteers to the rescue. It was within the hour that I got to experience them firsthand. And yes, I do believe the entire village does indeed hear them! Loudly!


Next door to the fire hall is this beautiful village hall. By this time, during my walk, my little toes were rubbed so raw by my sandals that I wanted to remove them and walk barefoot. I didn’t remove them, but walked back to the house, grimacing and feeling quite sore!  


I did capture a birds-eye view of Main Street….


And a sweet little park, complete with artwork, situated between two buildings along Main Street.


I wanted to take a few photos along the lake, but I was hurting and decided to just sit and rest for a bit. Thankfully, Walgreen’s offered a cheap and wonderful solution to my dilemma….a pair of $1.99 flip-flops!  And yes, my poor little toes are healing nicely!