Surprises in the Garden!

Yesterday  was yet another busy day, as we needed to pick Ben up in Penn Yan from the party he attended.  The kids asked if they could “hang out” together for a while before they went home, so Mark decided he would stay home with the Scotties.

Michelle asked two girls if they would like to go, as they are part of the original group of friends. They were happy to go, so we were off to Naples, then to Penn Yan.

While the kids walked around the town, the mother of the boy who had the party and I visited. I then decided I would walk around the town a little and take some photos. The weather was very warm and it really was a beautiful day. I had both cameras, so why not?

I walked only a  short distance when it became obvious my (new) sandals were rubbing the skin right off my little toes….BOTH of them. Such an annoyance. I walked around more until I could no longer stand the pain. I really didn’t get very far and I was growing agitated and aggravated!  I went back to the truck and remained there, reviewing my pictures Then I had a brilliant idea to go to the drug store to see if they might have a cheap pair of flip flops. Thankfully, they did! As I stood in line to pay for them, it was all I could do to keep from removing the shoes that were literally removing the skin from my toes! After paying, I immediately put the cheap flip flops on outside the door…total relief!

I began to gather the kids up at about 4, and we were finally ready to leave! Thunder was threatening off in the distance as we began the journey home.  As we drove, we were heading directly into the darkest weather ahead! We ran smack dab into a wild storm that included some pretty heavy-duty rain. The truck received quite the “power wash”!

We dropped off one of the party-goers at his home, then the girls in Naples. I ran to the grocery store in Naples to get a few items to make dinner and we were on our way home. The thunder was still rumbling and it rained.

I made dinner, then took the Scotties out To my surprise, my meager little side garden had some color!

I have a total of two bright yellow tulips……..


And one red and yellow-striped tulip.


In my previous entry, I showed the garden looking down from the hill behind the house.  I knew the tulips were coming, as they were big green “heads”….I could see no color yet, but it was obvious they were going to bloom.

One big surprise was the bleeding heart!


It isn’t even the end of April and this plant is already blooming! Oh no! This is the one plant I need to keep trimming every year, as it threatens to take over the entire side garden!

What a treat to see such pretty color! The weather is due for quite a change, we are told. Next week will be lots of rain, which we need, as well as “cooler” temperatures. I think the temperatures are going to be more in line with normal for this time of year. As it is, the summer-like spring we have been enjoying the past couple of weeks has issued forth beautiful colors and lots of green grass and leaves on the trees!

I am going to try to post another entry in a little bit of the pictures (few) I took in Penn Yan.  

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  1. I love Bleeding Heart. It was one of my mothers favorites too. I’ve been meaning to pick one up at the nursery for a few years now, but I seem to always forget. Maybe it’s a way of my garden secretly saying it’s full enough!

  2. Very pretty striped tulip!! Great minds think alike! I just posted my flower pics tonight too. Came home from our trip and had all kinds of things blooming in the yard. Actually I’m about two miles from the lake, but we have a fairly large yard with farmland across the street and behind us…which is nice. I sure hope the farmland stays for awhile. I would hate it if they put a house right there! Looking forward to reading more of your daily adventures. Always nice to find a new friend!

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