Today’s Theme is Yellow!

Since my friend, Terri,  over near Syracuse, coerced all of my Goldfinches to come to her house….hehehe….I went out and bought a special “sock” filled with Niger Seed to attract Goldfinches.

Well, well,well….suddenly, I have a pair of Goldfinches showing up! Are they attracted to the special food? Not! Instead, they pop into the feeder to gobble up sunflower seeds! Obviously, they just don’t KNOW what they (are supposed to) like!

I was able to capture Mrs. Goldfinch this morning, just before she flew away!


And, the last of my Daffodils to flower this year! I planted this particular bulb….it is supposed to be peach-colored, and if you enlarge it and look at the bright yellow part, you can see just a blush of peach color on the right. Yes, it has somehow reverted to match all the other daffodils…what ever happened to individuality?


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  1. Oh that’s a great capture of the bird – you’re very lucky (I hardly ever manage it when I take pictures of little critters!).

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