Did I Really Hear This?

This morning, as I was working at the computer for a few minutes,  I heard  a news story on the radio that I must admit….I think I must be hearing things!

I went to Google news, perused through the stories under “health”, and there it was, in living black and white! It seems the British have done a study regarding pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet, and the sex of the baby!

According to the article, if a mother eats lots of potassium-rich foods such as bananas, as well as a more “healthy” diet, she is likely to have a son. If a woman eats more of a “diet” type diet while pregnant, she is more likely to have a daughter…

Does anyone else find this a bit odd? Or, is all of the biology that we learned in high school just fallacy? After all, didn’t we learn that the sex of a baby was determined by the father?

I certainly hope Carly reads this. Perhaps she will shed some light, as she adores science. (ugh!) Until then, color me clueless in Bristolwood!!!

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  1. Several years ago, we had a little elderly German woman who lived down the hill. I so enjoyed visiting with her and I miss her since she sold her home and moved to Connecticut. Anyway, she always used to tell pregnant women if they wanted aboy, they had better eat lots of meat. She was totally sold on this…she had all sons and one daughter!

  2. Well, if you are a sea turtle, you can control the sex of your offspring by controlling the temperature of your eggs…warmer = males, cooler = females. In fact in most poikilotherms sex is environmentally (temperature) determined.
    However, since we are mammals, not reptiles our offspring’s sex is genotypically determined by our males sperm, XX vs. XY. I suppose it is possible that eating certain foods may alter the acidity/basicity of the mother’s reproductive regions, causing one type of sperm to survive more readily than the other…trying hard to keep this G-rated, LOL! It is possible to influence the sex of an offspring by carefully monitoring where in one’s cycle one conceives, however, the whole eating certain foods deal sounds a little hokey to me!

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