A Most Unusual Photo…

I meant to post this photo today, but it was pre-empted by the rather strange news story I heard below….(I think I have finally sorted this out; IE, since “you are what you eat”, I guess it would make sense your “baby is what you eat”…..Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!)

I took this photo late in the afternoon yesterday. What is unusual is that since we have been enjoying more June-like temperatures, the trees are leafing out rather early this year. Although it isn’t that unusual to see snow on the ski mountain in May, (during a more “typical”, cooler year) it is very unusual to see snow and green leaves!


Today’s Theme is Yellow!

Since my friend, Terri,  over near Syracuse, coerced all of my Goldfinches to come to her house….hehehe….I went out and bought a special “sock” filled with Niger Seed to attract Goldfinches.

Well, well,well….suddenly, I have a pair of Goldfinches showing up! Are they attracted to the special food? Not! Instead, they pop into the feeder to gobble up sunflower seeds! Obviously, they just don’t KNOW what they (are supposed to) like!

I was able to capture Mrs. Goldfinch this morning, just before she flew away!


And, the last of my Daffodils to flower this year! I planted this particular bulb….it is supposed to be peach-colored, and if you enlarge it and look at the bright yellow part, you can see just a blush of peach color on the right. Yes, it has somehow reverted to match all the other daffodils…what ever happened to individuality?


Did I Really Hear This?

This morning, as I was working at the computer for a few minutes,  I heard  a news story on the radio that I must admit….I think I must be hearing things!

I went to Google news, perused through the stories under “health”, and there it was, in living black and white! It seems the British have done a study regarding pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet, and the sex of the baby!

According to the article, if a mother eats lots of potassium-rich foods such as bananas, as well as a more “healthy” diet, she is likely to have a son. If a woman eats more of a “diet” type diet while pregnant, she is more likely to have a daughter…

Does anyone else find this a bit odd? Or, is all of the biology that we learned in high school just fallacy? After all, didn’t we learn that the sex of a baby was determined by the father?

I certainly hope Carly reads this. Perhaps she will shed some light, as she adores science. (ugh!) Until then, color me clueless in Bristolwood!!!