Walkin’ the Scots

Early this morning when I got up, I took the Scottie boys out to do their duties and as we were walking back to the house, Angus suddenly stood erect….tail straight in the air. As I followed his glance, I giggled in delight….he was actually ready to attack a small plastic bag that had blown into a small sapling. I didn’t have the camera with me, but it was a funny sight seeing the lad in his defensive mode. Angus is truly our Braveheart. Murphy is only there for support if need be…

This afternoon when I took the boys out, I did grab the camera because I know that they never disappoint me! Walking the two Scotties on their Flexi-leads while managing a camera as well as a cell phone is quite the trick! As one Scottie heads one way and the other the opposite around a tree, I suddenly become a puppeteer, tugging a bit on one lead, locking it in place, while gently persuading the other stubborn little body to follow where I want him to go! Rather humorous.


Angus surveys a hole in the stump while Murphy stands behind….


Angus thinks he smells a squirrel in the tree!


Surely a squirrel or chipmunk has been sitting upon this stump! (notice what an avid hunter Murphy is….hum de dum de dum!)


This photo is truly a “capture” as I cannot imagine how I even got it! Angus convinced Murphy to stick his blockhead into the tree….while he looked upward! Okay, so how does Angus know that squirrels live up in trees?


Well, I got my photos, so it is time to head back to the house. Just follow the bouncing Scottie waddies!


Shortly after hitting the lawn, Angus decided to sit down in the grass for a bit.


Inside the house, it is time to de-leaf Murphy. Look at the oak leaves he brought home with him! 

 Ah yes, never dull moment here in the Bristolwood!