Angus’s Anguish and Lunchtime Serenade!

The family was up and out early this morning as my mother-in-law had an appointment with the doctor. Mark always goes with his mom as she sometimes gets very nervous about doctor visits. She doesn’t care to drive on the expressways, so Mark takes her and the kids and I wait in the truck while they are inside.

 While Mark and his mom were getting back into the truck after the appointment, she commented that the truck needed a washing! She told us to take it to the car-wash and she would treat. So, Mark pulled into the car-wash and Angus jumped up to observe what was going on.

When the fellow used the high-powered nozzle to spray down the side of the truck, poor little Angus stiffened up like a board… the hair on his back bristled straight in the air! He watched in agony as the truck began its journey through the various mechanisms involved in car-washes!


If a Scottie can grimace, I think Angus was grimacing as he saw the big blue fabric strips swipe across the windshield. Thankfully, Mark held him in his arm and Angus took some solace in Mark’s touch!

We dropped Mark’s mom back at her house, then began to head home. Mark and Ben and I were hungry, so Mark asked what I would like to eat. I mentioned Popeye’s Chicken, and he and Ben both agreed it would be good.


We pulled through the drive-through and looked at the menu for some time.  As we were sitting there, I wondered if they were playing a recording of bird songs. The rest of the family are generally oblivious to  sounds of nature….and even sights much of the time. Yes, I am one of those weird people who actually stops to smell (all of the) roses!

A woman’s voice broke in abruptly, wanting to take our order. Mark inquired about pricing, then ordered.  As the conversation took place, I was surprised when the bird sounds just continued. Ah well….

We pulled to the front of the store after receiving our order and rolled the windows down to enjoy the beautiful weather. As we sat, I could hear the bird sounds once again, this time quite loudly. I looked out the window and surprise, surprise!


This Mockingbird was sitting just a few feet away from us, entertaining us with many different “voices”. I heard the cawing of a crow, the chirps of a chickadee, a robin singing cheerfully, and even the shrieks of a seagull! There were many other birds I wasn’t sure about, but this little mimic was as delightful as could be!

When we got home, I looked up the mockingbird in my Birds of North America handbook and was amazed as I read that a mockingbird recorded in Massachusetts actually produced the sounds of 36 different birds!

Who could have ordered a more delightful little lunchtime companion! Of course, the family will recover from my “weird” fascination. They always do, after all!

How About Some Color!

It  might just be the Ukrainian blood in my veins, or perhaps I just like color! Anyway, I *finally* found some cool colors at (of all places!) the store!

So, even if these aren’t in “my” garden, please enjoy them!



A comment on the next photo…I know it is out of focus….consider it as my version of creative license!