Where Have I Been Hiding?

I haven’t! (been hiding!) We have just been busy!

Mark has made a few comments every time he sees me dragging about my camera bag.  Things like Is’nt that bag awfully BIG?… Many times when he sees something *he* thinks I should photograph, he will say Too bad you have the wrong lens on that BIG camera. If only you had a small point-and-shoot.

I have been admiring Chris in Scotland’s small Leica C-Lux 2.  That camera is so tiny it is nearly invisible! (slight exaggeration!) It takes lovely photos, too. The price here is $500 and that is just out of my range. So, after researching, I found that the Panasonic DMC-TZ5 uses a Leica lens and a lot of people have commented it is a little gem. The camera is larger and heavier than the Leica camera, but is much less bulky (and conspicuous) than my Nikon! So, I would say it is “more” visible!

The one “bone” I could pick with the camera is the fact that it is called a Lumix. Isn’t a lumix a great big clumsy ogre?

The camera arrived into my hot little palms on Thursday, and I began playing on Friday. Oh, what fun! With a 10x optical zoom, this little camera is a joy! And, the photos are pretty good!

Here are my offerings…

The kids were busy cleaning the house and getting ready for their friends to come in the late afternoon on Friday, so I evacuated the premises and went out to enjoy the delightfully warm and sunny day! I am unsure what this “weedy” shrub is, but it seems to grow near damp areas.


The tiny Jonquil featured here previously has been joined by several more cheerful flowers! I love their bright yellow faces!


The “friends” arrived at 4 and they were just hanging out and having some fun. After a while, they climbed the stairs to Michelle’s room. I went up a while later to see what they were doing, only to find the most *humorous* situation….Michelle has this teeny tiny little “cubby” off her room. Inside this little “compartment” where two people would barely fit comfortably were SIX teenagers, stuffed!


The kids had such a good time. They had hamburgers for dinner and just sat and talked for a time.  They hiked into the woods and then when they came back we lit a large fire.


All in all, I enjoyed the kids…I always do. The last kids left at 10 and we all fell into our beds and slept like logs!!!!

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying your new camera! I have to tell you that the Leica is even more expensive over here, at least in straight conversion from dollars – I can’t tell you how much ‘cos mine was a present from Mr Blethers. I love it to bits!

  2. Oh, you lucky lady, you!!! Mr Blethers must be a cheerful giver!!! hehe I have been looking at all of your photos and I love them so….photos can make one feel as though they are present….One of these days (years) I will see Scotland, or so I hope! Until then, I so enjoy your hikes!!!

  3. Ah, silly teens! It’s so great that they are able to get together with their friends at your house. The last picture of them wandering in the woods with the sun setting is really cool.

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