Turn Down the Heat!

Yesterday morning, Mark and I went to visit the neighbors as soon as he (Mark) got up.  It was still morning, and as the time progressed, so did the temperatures! I am not, not, SO not a “summer” person. When the temperatures soar, so does my (great) discomfort. 

Within just a few short hours, I was beginning to feel as though my blood was”boiling” and I became desperate to find some sort of distraction to appease my now less-than-cheerful disposition.

So, I called on my faithful little companion. Murphy, come on out from under the couch!


I guess Murphy’s look says it all. I don’t think he was any more impressed with our summer-like weather than I! But, being such a faithful little man, he followed me downstairs and patiently waited as I leashed him.

We set off into the woods….just Murphy and me…looking to see what we might find. It seems the more we sought something interesting, the more difficult it became!

The only bright color found on our walk was moss!


There sure was a thick carpet of leaves, though, and my, oh my, how they all stuck to Murphy’s undercarriage!


I saw a few birds, but nothing out of the ordinary. There was evidence here and there of woodpecker activities!


Whatever possessed me to think we would be cooler walking about in a  woods with no foliage is beyond me. As I said, I was looking more for distraction. Little faithful Murphy looked almost as uncomfortable as I!


We found a pine tree way in the back of the woods, so we sat down and rested….we both needed to cool off before continuing our walk.


Mark and Ben worked in the woods a few years ago, clearing paths wide enough to haul the wagon filled with firewood back to the garage. These “lanes” are so beautiful, although would look better with some greenery here and there!


I really liked this primitive natural arch we passed under.


When Murphy and I returned home, I looked at the thermometer on the front porch. I heard on the radio earlier in the morning the record high was 85 degrees. As I peered out the glass, I nearly fell backwards as the hand pointed to 84 degrees!

By this time, I had become quite overheated and was more miserable than ever. I informed the family I was NOT making dinner, so Mark (being a somewhat wise man) called the pizzeria down in Naples and asked if I would like to pick up. I was thrilled. I hopped into the truck, rolled the windows down and made my way to Naples. As uncomfortable as I get in hot weather, I really dislike cold air from the air conditioner blowing on me. The wind blowing in from the windows was sufficient, and I began feeling so much better!

I took the “low road” down to the village and stopped in Woodville as there is a boat launch located there. The activity there was pretty low considering the beautiful day.

This picture is taken looking northward. I was standing almost at the southernmost point of the lake.


Across the lake are many cottages that will soon be hopping with activity as the summertime approaches.


If ever I captured a “Kodak moment”, this would be it! These little guys looked so serious in their pursuit and judging from their movement, they have done this before! I love the guy on the left with his vest and hat! And note the mud all over the backside of the fellow on the right!


I noticed a change of scenery on the hillside before me as I pulled into the village…..yes, we all wish we could preserve the pristine beauty of nature without “cluttering” it, but I suppose in a couple of years, these will be no more unsightly than cell towers on the hillside.


I stopped across the street from the high school to snap a shot of this gorgeous flowering tree!


After we ate dinner, I looked at a sore Mark had developed a couple of days before. It had gotten quite “weepy” and I was nervous about it. I called our doctor, thinking I would probably have to wait until today to speak with her. She answered on the second  ring, and when I voiced my concern, she told us to come on in to her office! Wow! An unscheduled Saturday night office visit?

We went in and she encouraged us greatly by telling us we caught it in the nick of time.  Mark received a HUGE shot of antibiotic, was given 2 prescriptions, and we were on our way again shortly after 9! Did I ever mention that we have the most phenomenal doctor on planet Earth?

Where Have I Been Hiding?

I haven’t! (been hiding!) We have just been busy!

Mark has made a few comments every time he sees me dragging about my camera bag.  Things like Is’nt that bag awfully BIG?… Many times when he sees something *he* thinks I should photograph, he will say Too bad you have the wrong lens on that BIG camera. If only you had a small point-and-shoot.

I have been admiring Chris in Scotland’s small Leica C-Lux 2.  That camera is so tiny it is nearly invisible! (slight exaggeration!) It takes lovely photos, too. The price here is $500 and that is just out of my range. So, after researching, I found that the Panasonic DMC-TZ5 uses a Leica lens and a lot of people have commented it is a little gem. The camera is larger and heavier than the Leica camera, but is much less bulky (and conspicuous) than my Nikon! So, I would say it is “more” visible!

The one “bone” I could pick with the camera is the fact that it is called a Lumix. Isn’t a lumix a great big clumsy ogre?

The camera arrived into my hot little palms on Thursday, and I began playing on Friday. Oh, what fun! With a 10x optical zoom, this little camera is a joy! And, the photos are pretty good!

Here are my offerings…

The kids were busy cleaning the house and getting ready for their friends to come in the late afternoon on Friday, so I evacuated the premises and went out to enjoy the delightfully warm and sunny day! I am unsure what this “weedy” shrub is, but it seems to grow near damp areas.


The tiny Jonquil featured here previously has been joined by several more cheerful flowers! I love their bright yellow faces!


The “friends” arrived at 4 and they were just hanging out and having some fun. After a while, they climbed the stairs to Michelle’s room. I went up a while later to see what they were doing, only to find the most *humorous* situation….Michelle has this teeny tiny little “cubby” off her room. Inside this little “compartment” where two people would barely fit comfortably were SIX teenagers, stuffed!


The kids had such a good time. They had hamburgers for dinner and just sat and talked for a time.  They hiked into the woods and then when they came back we lit a large fire.


All in all, I enjoyed the kids…I always do. The last kids left at 10 and we all fell into our beds and slept like logs!!!!