Figgerin’ things Out!

Since I have previously stated that I am not the most observant person on earth, it should come as no shock that I have wondered  just what all the road work was about….

After traveling along Route 64 twice, however, I was able to make a profound observation. (all on my own!) When I previously showed the huge “drill” that was drilling holes in the road, I couldn’t help but notice something was going on.

As I was driving the other day, I made a remark that there was black plastic, along with bright red-orange snow fencing along the road where Mud Creek passes under the road.  Then I noticed it again, and again, and one more time at the site where the men were working previously. Aha! That is it! The state is working on all the areas where Mud Creek weaves its way back and forth under Route 64!

I wanted to show photos of the (obvious) black plastic and orange fencing at each location, but to stop on this road means I might just get rear-ended! So….

 This is the original area that I showed.


After drilling a hole in the center of the road and making a mess, a very large truck came in carrying the concrete barriers to turn this into a one-lane road. I had told Mark that perhaps the drill was to make holes to put in some sort of system to keep junk from clogging the stream.  Mark, being a mechanical engineer, gave me a thumbs up!  The next time we passed the work area, the huge “drill” was now “hammering” the metal pieces into place!

Now, one-half of the road is closed and today, an excavator was working to apparently clean the creek bed. There is an old concrete retaining wall where they are working, so we are wondering if that is being removed as it isn’t working very well.


Directly across from the work zone is a beautiful and historic bed and breakfast. I do believe that I read that this expensive and “right on the road”  building was originally a stagecoach inn, which would explain its close proximity to the roadway.


The building was actually built in 1795, thus its name 1795 Acorn Inn.  I do hope this work will be completed soon, as it is certainly not what a business needs in its front yard!


I did pull off the side of the road to take a couple more pictures. This is one more area that is being worked over. (and once again, near a buiness! This is Lock’s Stock and Barrel…a tavern) There is also another bed and breakfast located here, the Filigree Inn , but this one sits far back from the roadway.


Yes, I located “the drill”! (Isn’t it wonderful the way that South Bristol sign leans, looking like someone was a bit “tipsy” when it was installed?)


Mud Creek is a very small waterway that snakes its way back and forth across the valley. It generally is a mild-mannered creek, but in the years we have lived here, it did cause some heavy-duty flooding that closed Route 64 for several hours. Wow! Perhaps the state is using tax dollars to actually improve something!!