Productive Workday!

Mark’s mom had called last week and told Mark that she might want the kids to come and do some yardwork for her….she hires a landscaper, but she was anxious to have the leaves and branches removed from her lawn.  The kids and I agreed that we would be willing to help out.

We arrived at the house shortly after noon and began working right away. We began in the front yard and worked our way to the back.  The house has several plantings around it that catch leaves….Pachysandra, Myrtle, low-growing pine type plantings, as well as shrubbery.  Ben used our Husqvarna blower to dislodge many of the leaves in these stubborn areas and Michelle and I raked. Even though the lawn is only between 1/3 and 1/2 acre, it certainly seemed to be growing larger as we worked!

We finally finished up the lawn by 4:30. I raked almost the entire time, and the kids worked most of that time as well. My mother-in-law also worked raking and picking up twigs from the lawn. By the time we were done, we were feeling rather tired! My mother-in-law ordered pizza and chicken wings for dinner and I was never so happy to have food we didn’t need to prepare!

The day was cool, but as we worked, everyone took off layers as we progressed. The sun came out, the skies turned a most remarkable blue color, and it was just pleasurable to be outside.

As we were finishing up, I went and got my camera from the truck to grab a few shots. My mother-in-law’s home is located in front of a huge ravine with a little interesting history…

At the edge of the lawn, there are several pine trees planted, allowing little grass to grow there, but moss thrives! Here is a mossy knoll behind a little workshed.


The ravine behind the house is very steep, deep, and it would be to one’s disadvantage to tumble down the grade! Despite warnings, I couldn’t help but carefully wander down the grade a little, with the aid of saplings to grab hold of! What did I need to photograph?



The Bristolwood woods in which we dwell weren’t always woods. Much of our woodland was formerly clearcut and farmed. Most of our trees look dwarf compared to the old growth trees abiding in my mother-in-law’s deep gully. In the photo below, there is a mossy area located nearly in the center…it is somewhat difficult to see from this angle, but the moss is to the left of a trail leading through the woods. There are areas of terraced paths in the woods leading down to Irondequoit Bay. The bay is part of Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes.

The paths found in the woods weren’t created by homeowners living there, but are reminders of the days when Native Americans lived in the area. Yes, these narrow paths are very old and were carved out by Indians traversing to the water.


A stark contrast to the ancient trails behind the house are grand and new “palaces” being built across the ravine. These homes are not at all like my mother-in-law’s home that was built in the 60’s, but very large with exquisite amenities.


So, we have the very grand homes and the humble paths dwelling peaceably together…here is a little better shot of one of the paths.


Try as I might, it was about impossible to capture the stream in the bottom of the gully that leads to the bay.


And this last photo is in memory of my father-in-law. My mother-in-law recalled how he would get on his electric scooter and retreat to this little area. She said sometimes she would be calling his name with no reply…she would come back to his little “secret place” to find him sound asleep on the scooter!


Yes, we certainly raked a lot of leaves and twigs and our backs are complaining, but this was one of those days that we just wouldn’t trade….