Silence Was Golden!

On Friday night, the kids trudged off to bed at about 7 pm.  No, they weren’t sick, nor were they being punished! You see, yesterday they were to travel to Pennsylvania for a rafting trip early Saturday morning!

The youth group that the kids have been attending on Monday nights goes on a rafting trip each April and they invited Michelle and Ben. The kids have been asking about this ever since they found out about the trip….So, when they returned the signed permission slips last Monday, they were nearly euphoric! All week long, as soon as schoolwork was completed, everything revolved around the subject of “the trip”.

Both Ben and Michelle slept rather restlessly and I really didn’t sleep much better on Friday night. At 2, I was awakened by a constant flashing. I couldn’t figure out *why* Michelle was taking pictures with her new camera at that hour! By the time I had gathered my wits about me, the thunder caused me to almost sit straight up in bed.  We generally don’t get serious thunderstorms here, but this one was incredible. I watched the lightening and listened as the house sounded as though it was being power-washed until slumber finally took over again. The entire time I was awake, I was so concerned the rafting adventure was going to be called off…

I was awakened  once again as my cell phone vibrated loudly against the table next to the bed. This time, it was 4:30. Michelle was up, showering and humming happily like a busy little bumblebee.

I immediately hopped out of bed and went downstairs to make waffles. The information we received from the church said that the kids would be paddling down the river until lunch at about 1, so they advised a large and hearty breakfast.  By about 5:15, the two of them were eating their waffles, along with turkey ham.  They chatted so excitedly, I almost wished that I would have signed up to go along as a chaperon.

We left the house and began our journey to the church. A little more that midway, Michelle noticed a thumping noise in the right rear of the Explorer. We kept going, and after dropping the kids off at the church, I called Mark to tell him about the vehicle. He wasn’t sure I should drive home, but I just wanted to get back. I drove slowly, keenly aware that I should be able to stop quickly in the event anything should happen. (Mark called the Ford garage later and it looks like this might be a costly fix)

The day was so quiet….it seemed to pass so slowly! I just lounged about and we really didn’t do anything outstanding all day. The sun came out for about 2 hours, then it clouded up again and was a dismal day. I had thought about going off to take photos, but it was so ugly, I decided against it.

Michelle called home at about 7:20 to let us know they were nearly back to the church. I went and picked the two adventurers up and we were home once again shortly after 8. From the sound of it, the kids had a wonderful day, and the sun shone down on our rafters the entire day! They are already planning for next year’s trip!

After all the beautiful days we have had lately, reality has set in this morning….