How Much Longer?

Early this morning, I was awakened to the sound of rain pounding on the roof. I had a morning eye appointment, so I scurried out of bed and began getting ready.

The entire day was fairly ugly, with rain and clouds hovering overheard. It is okay, as we really can use some soaking rain. Mark and I drove on our ATV’s yesterday and as we rode through the woods, I was surprised that it was so dry for April.

So, if April showers bring May flowers, how much longer before you suppose this clump of Daffodils will burst forth in their splendid yellow color?


Our Spring flowers have never been so large or prolific this time of the year.  It is refreshing to see large clusters of Tulips and Daffodils here and there!

I have been keeping an eye open to see how the plants are coming along and I was amazed the way the Columbine just kind of issued forth……these are such a favorite flower in the plantings as they seem to tirelessly bloom for weeks and weeks throughout the Spring and Summer.


When we moved here nearly 16 years ago, I planted several varieties of Crocuses in the garden between the house and garage. I don’t think they ever came up there though! Now, all these years later, we find Crocuses here and there in the woods. My father-in-law used to complain that the chipmunks would eat his Crocuses. And so, I came to the conclusion that the Bristolwood “chippies” didn’t eat ours, rather, they merely rearranged them for our enjoyment.  Thus, we have never, ever spotted a Crocus plant in front of the house. That is, until now!


As I was about to come back in the house late this afternoon,  I saw some bright yellow over by the drainage ditch. I wandered over to see what the color was…..not sure what these “weeds” are, but they certainly add a great deal of brightness in contrast to their drab surroundings!


The nitrogen in the rain we got last night has been a real boost in greening up the grass!

Not much longer until everything is blooming, growing, and just adding more beauty to the world!