When You Take Your Camera….

Do *not* forget that you left the battery in the charger at home! Such was my lot this evening!

I had removed my battery from the Nikon late this afternoon as it was run down quite low. When the time came to take the kids to their Bible study, I grabbed the camera bag, but inadvertantly left the charger with the battery still in it on a desk. When I reached the camera out of the bag and composed a shot, I was puzzled for about 2 seconds, before remembering what I had done.

At this point, I decided it was time to recycle the soda cans and bottles in the cargo area of the Explorer. I gathered up all the bags, placed them into a shopping cart, and headed into the bottle return room at Wegman’s. Have I ever complained er, commented on how I cannot tolerate the scent of stale beer?  As I stood in line awaiting my turn at the recycling machines,  I watched as several college-aged kids deposited seemingly endless beer cans into the mouths of the machines. Finally, I was next!

I inserted my cans and at one point, the machine abruptly came to a crashing halt….immediately spitting out my receipt and announcing on its message window that the machine was now full and call for assistance. Thankfully, almost as soon as the machine stopped, I heard someone working opposite me, removing the crushed cans from the bowels of the machine. Then the door slammed shut, sending a breeze of stale beer right into my face. Ugh!

Upon completion of returning my cans and bottles, I wandered into the store, undecided about what to do next. As my stomach grumbled, I went to the Wokery…..Chinese food served buffet-style. I spotted a spicy chicken dish that looked good, so I placed some fried rice into a takeout container, then placed the chicken on top. I also thought the stir-fried green beans looked tasty, so I threw some in as well.

After paying for my meal, I began walking over to the bistro tables to perch and eat my meal. As I meandered, I walked around a yellow cone marking a wet area. As I looked down, it was obvious someone had gotten sick to their stomach on the floor, and I ***flew*** out of the store and off to the Explorer! One thing I cannot tolerate is that!!!!

I plopped onto the seat, placing my meal onto the console of my mobile office. The console now was serving as my table! Before I ate, I remembered my handy-dandy cell phone had a camera so I thought I could possibly get some photos after all!

This is our local Wegman’s store. It is quite “humble” compared to many of the fancier high-end stores located in more lucrative areas. However, Danny Wegman lives only a few miles from this store!


A not-too-masterfully-focussed photo of my delicious meal, despite being eaten at the “office”!


As I was finishing my meal, I had to pop the door open and take a couple of photos of the sunset.



Oh how I missed the Nikon….or, well, the Nikon battery!