Is Today April 1?

Since my header isn’t very creative, I guarantee my photography shall be…or, should I say my imagination?  No, several of the things that I saw today seem somewhat strange.

Take for instance, the old P&C Grocery Store. The store closed a few years ago but every Halloween, a costume store would take over the vacated space. No longer!


I don’t remember ever seeing a building being gutted from the inside out. It seems the more prevalent practice is just going in and leveling the building with a big ole bulldozer. Or wrecking ball!

But wait!

Last night, Mark and I passed the vacated Econolodge Motel which is also being razed. (which leads me to another *strange* phenomenon….if a building is being destroyed, leveled, brought down to ground level, WHY would one say it is being RAZED??? Which sounds too much like RAISED???)

Okay. So much for the questions… about a “room with a view”? That was Mark’s clever remark last night when we passed by. I was too hungry to photograph it then, so I did so this afternoon.  But, last night, Mark asked WHY would they gut the building so meticulously when it is freestanding with no adjoining structure, nor any buildings nearby?


It was obvious I was driving my  passenger, Michelle, to distraction barraging her with silly questions. At this point I turned the corner and headed off to the lake for what I thought would be more conventional photography…enough nonsense….

It was as I drove along the short road to the lake that I pulled off the road, raising Michelle’s curiosity. Why are we stopped here?

I pointed across the road and asked her what is wrong with this picture? I pulled the camera from the bag as she retorted how funny it seemed that geese would be playing, no….swimming in a big puddle of water!


Ah, so you, dear reader, are not convinced this is a mere puddle? Let me assure you, it is! Better yet, we will let the geese do the conveying….


Yes the two geese on the left are peaceably swimming as the one on the right stands in the puddle, its rounded body well above the water! Oh, and to add just a bit more humor, let me state that the LAKE is not more than 100 feet away!

Enough with that! I decided to drive down by the beautiful gazebo at Kershaw Park. Kershaw is a long park that runs basically between the road and the lake at the northern end of Canandaigua Lake. It features a lovely walkway that runs the entire length, joining lakefront homes with the marina and other businesses.

I parked the truck and as I was about to hop out, I thought I would photograph what is left of a trailer court across the street.


To say this trailer court was in poor shape would be a grand understatement. It was horrible and was such a contrast to the peaceful and beautiful setting just across the street! Well, the trailer court is now in its final days. It is my understanding that the trailers are being removed. (most are actually destroyed on the grounds as I don’t think they could manage the trip down the road) I believe the area is going to be revitalized with some high end apartment buildings and homes. Although I have no qualms about mobile homes, (I would rather live in a mobile home than an apartment myself!) this particular court had been allowed to nearly self-destroy with some very poor conditions.

The gazebo sits directly across the street from the trailer court above. As you can see, it lends an elegant and restful element to the lake….


The gazebo is quite large, and it has a delightful deck that reaches right out to the lake.


I walked onto the gazebo to take the next photo. You can see the pretty hills surrounding the lake.  We live on the western side but you cannot see our hills as the lake takes a bit of a turn in its center.


Over to the northwest is the city pier that I took the duck photos from last week. This isn’t even half of the pier, but I was using my big lens and was unable to capture the entire length.


I stood, just absorbing the sights and sounds when I was suddenly aware I wasn’t alone! I looked down onto the rocks below and saw a young mother with her two little ones, feeding the ducks.


Our weather today was just terrific. It was warm and sunny and just a totally perfect day.  It is somewhat hard to believe we  are into the month of April as today’s weather was warmer than many of our days in June!

The bottom line is, we will take this weather! It is so nice to see the flowers coming to life and sunny days are just an added benefit!