Thank Heaven

for safety, as well as fire departments!

I had to run to Victor yesterday, and on the way home, as Ben and I turned the corner on a side road, we saw the remains of a rather large brush fire. I was surprised the ground was dry enough to allow so much acreage to burn, but maybe we are just a lot wetter in our neck of the woods!



From the number of trucks at the scene, the local fire department must have requested some backup.


The cars and trucks parked behind the fire equipment were volunteer firemen who responded to the call. They also parked in front of the house and as we passed by, several firefighters were talking on the front yard.



Two firemen were walking the field, presumably making sure that no sparks were left behind to reignite.

As we made our way home, the very large drill that I showed a few days ago was still hard at work! This time, the workmen were drilling directly in the center of the roadway!  As we passed, I was so bummed I couldn’t sstop and get a closeup of the drill!


The town of Bristol recently placed water lines in along the highway.  I’m really unsure whether this job is related to that or not but it makes for some interesting conversation for passers-by!