Quacking up at the Lake!

This evening, Mark and I dropped the kids off at the Bible study. Mark asked what I might enjoy doing while waiting for the kids and without any hesitation, I told him I would enjoy going to the Canandaigua City Pier.

Shortly after arriving at the pier, I hopped out of the truck and began looking around to see what types of waterfowl might be around. I spotted several pairs of Mallard Ducks.  So, dear readers, what would be the most practical way to attract ducks close enough to capture some photos? Why, of course! After looking to the left, right, front and rear, I began quacking just like a duck!

I did keep a close eye on the police cruiser located not too far from me…I certainly didn’t want to venture a free ride to the local psyche ward!

So, did my non-conventional behavior warrant the desired results?  Of course! Look who came walking up a set of stairs from the water below…..


Notice how he is craning his neck and checking me out!


Just look at the striking colors on this Mallard Drake. Isn’t he gorgeous? Oh yeah, guess who came up behind him?


Yes, it is Mrs. Mallard. She wasn’t quite as cordial as her mate, but what a beautiful couple they are!


I heard some honking in the water below, so I stepped over to the ege of the pier and looked….as the drake floated about, I was fortunate enough to catch the waning sun striking his head.


The Mallards are quite sociable ducks, not seeming very reluctant to step right up to humans. On the other hand, there were a few ducks out in the water that would not come near the pier. I am not familiar with the species


As the sun wandered over further and further into the western sky,  the lake darkened.


It seemed as though we were suddenly enveloped in a covering of darkness all about us! The magic, though, is that as the darkness moves in, the lights of the buildings near the lake appear as colorful ribbons of shimmering streamers upon the lake….


What a peaceful and lovely way to end the day!

Join Me for a Cuppa?


While many Americans are hustling and bustling on their way to work each day with a cuppa java in their paws, (most likely from Starbucks) I am very content sitting in front of the warm hearth with the glow of a fire lighting the room, sipping tea! And lately, I have a slice of whole wheat toast spread with blueberry jam along with my tea!

I do enjoy tea in many flavors, but I have been so attracted lately to the Bigelow varieties. (American-made!) I usually resisted any teas that strayed from the black/orange pekoe types, but when I bought a package of Vanilla Hazelnut one day, I fell in love! 

As a youngster, I do remember my mother buying Bigelow’s Constant Comment tea. This one has orange and spices in the blend, and it even drew Mark into having a cup! Mark hates coffee and tea, but that one really got his attention. I cannot say he will ever enjoy another cup, but that one hit the spot for him when his stomach was still a little “revolting”!

In the photo above, you can see a definite theme….French Vanilla, Vanilla Hazelnut, Vanilla Almond and the Constant Comment.  Yes, I am a bit of a vanilla junkie! At the moment, I am totally picking the Vanilla Almond….it is just so goooood!

Did you notice my fine English tea kettle? I bought that from Williams-Sonoma a few years ago when I told Mark I wanted a really “good” kettle.  They have gone up a lot since I purchased mine! With my affinity for a cup of tea, Mark bought the kettle for Mother’s Day one year!

And speaking of words beginning with “affin”….last night, I was so excited as Maxim Afinogenov  placed the puck into the Toronto Leafs net, keeping Buffalo’s hopes of entering the playoffs alive! That game was such a nail-biter and Buffalo really came through!