Since I Took No Photos Today

I borrowed this one taken last April Fool’s Day! (2007)

I hadn’t had my new Nikon camera long at the time I shot this photo in our back yard. That silly Tom Turkey came into the yard with his harem of 9 hens! He displayed his plumage while turning and spinning as though on a turntable!

Today, I finally removed the Christmas wreath from the garage. Michelle giggled when I asked if she thought it might be time to take down the only remaining Christmas decor.  I hate the big “bald” spot between the second story window and garage door down below; the wreath really fills that space and makes it look so much nicer. Ah well.

While Michelle and I were upstairs in the garage, we also brought down a table and chairs for the front porch. The temperatures rose today to very mild highs and Spring Fever did bite at me a little!  I raked much gravel from the front yard today as well. When Mark plows snow in the driveway, he always ends up depositing a good deal of gravel into the grass as there is no barrier between driveway and yard. Every spring, I spend hours raking gravel from the yard and muttering as I work!

All of the fresh air absolutely drained me and I went upstairs before dinner and passed out on the bed! I never nap during the day, but I was so tired late this afternoon!

The weather calls for much cooler temperatures tomorrow, with temps rising again on Thursday. Such is New York weather this time of the year! And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the archives from last April!!!

Oh, and yes….I did suffer at the hand of our Benjamin this morning. As I walked into the kitchen, I was suddenly showered with packing noodles falling from a box attached to the moulding above the doorway. I am so glad the rest of the family doesn’t “do” April Fool’s!