Coming to Life!

As the thermometer kept rising today, I couldn’t help but grab the Nikon and head outside. Surely there must be something to photograph!

As I walked around the front yard, I was surprised to see I wasn’t the only one walking there….


Yes, a Bumblebee! I was so interested, I did some poking about on the internet regarding where bees go in the winter months. In reading, I came to the conclusion that this is likely a queen who spent the winter under piles of leaves. She is now coming out as the weather warms up.

This time of the year, it is simply mind-boggling how quickly we can receive several inches of snow…and, how quickly it can all disappear! Such is the case of the 8 or 9 inches we got last Friday. And, to my surprise, the daffodils that had begun to grow last week are now two or three inches tall! The snow must have provided a insulating blanket that helped them to advance quite substantially for being buried alive!


The biggest surprise, though, were these tulips. Last week, I had looked for any signs of life in the garden between the house and garage. There was nothing at all….However, today is a different story!


And a definite sign of spring? A hoodie, shorts, and boots for the mud!


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  1. We had Spring yesterday. Today it’s back to rain and a minor gale. The daffs are being blown all over the place. 🙁

  2. I love the swing picture! Gotta love that hair. Perhaps she should become a fashion designer? I find that a great look for spring. 🙂

  3. Chris and Dayna, it does look like spring might just show up this year. Although after enjoying “sweater weather” yesterday, it was a bit disheartening hearing sleet against the window pane last night….

    hehehe, Carly…Michelle has some *very* trendy fashions….gotta love those boots, though!

    Bill, mais oui! Joi de vivre, indeed! As much as I enjoy the winter hibernation (did I ever mention I am part Bruin?) I do enjoy those springtime harbingers!!!

  4. Oops…I forgot one thing…that last picture, I took covertly. Even though it looks as though she is looking directly at, and even smiling for the camera, I was about 50 or 60 feet away, and she had no idea I was there!
    Happy child, that one!

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