Over the River and Through the Woods

Yesterday morning, we got up and prepared ourselves for a journey to visit with my parents and brother, Randy. We left a bit later than planned, but had a fun day visiting and relaxing!

Mom had some really pretty tulips sitting on the dining room table when we arrived.  I took this picture, thinking it was kind of a waste, but as I looked at it, it really grew on me!


Last Sunday, being Easter, many people at the church my parents attend donated flowers in memory of loved ones who have passed away recently. My mother lost her brother a few weeks ago, so she got these beautiful yellow tulips. They sat on the table just “glowing”  in their simple elegance and beauty…..


We had such a good and fun visit, albeit far too short. (as always). One of the highlights of the visit is the little 11 pound lively Dachshund, Fritz! Trying to photograph him is a real challenge! Of course, I would *never* admit to running up and down the hall several times with Fritz following on my heels and oftimes even running right past me! (note his ears in the photo below…)


I did manage to catch the little fellow in a pensive moment with a reather nice portrait!


We arrived back home at about 1 am. Needless to say, we all headed to bed immediately! I wish we weren’t so far removed from my family, but it sure makes for a fun visit spending the day with them!