It’s Better than Ice!

The forecast last night seemed rather “sketchy” at best.  To our north, we were told there would be little accumulation from the impending storm.  To our south, there could be some sizable accumulation.  We, however, were in-between.

Mark and I were glued to the television lat night, as the Sabres fought with all within them to beat the Ottawa Senators; the kids went out and soaked in the hot tub. I got up to peek in on them, and it had begun to snow.  The snow was very wet, seeming like it was closer to “rain” than “snow”!

Angus awakened me at 4:30, making all kinds of noise.  I turned on the light on the back deck, and was surprised NOT to hear strains of Walking Through a Winter Wonderland!




Mark called out to me to tell me that the electricity went out for a little bit at 3:30.  I am not surprised, as this snow is really very heavy!  Even as I am writing, the lights seem to be growing dimmer…

 I have an appointment with the eye doctor later this morning, so I guess I had better begin digging out!  Oh, and by the way? Notice in the “big drill” photo that our snow was all gone! (smile)

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  1. I guess winter isn’t finished with you yet! We have continued to dodge the storms coming through. They have been dumping lots south of us. The ground is showing through in places and the sump pumps are working at a steady pace. I’m itching to get out and garden a bit. Drive safe!

  2. Looks like you got a lot more than we did. Our electricity went out for a few minutes yesterday, but it wasn’t snow related. It just went out and came back on about 5 minutes later. It was rather bizarre.

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