Spring Fever

Late yesterday afternoon, I drove to Canandaigua to mail a box and some letters that were somewhat urgent. I had a small item to return to WalMart, and then the kids wanted me to stop and get them some dinner.

I wasn’t in Canandaigua very long, but I did stop by the lake to see if there were any good photo ops there.  The lake was looking pretty boring as the wind was kicking in quite well and there was a small flock of ducks bobbing up and down in the swells.

 I have been getting an incredibly itchy trigger finger lately as it seems so hard to find a good subject to photograph in these wintery months.  As I began the drive home, I found myself complaining aloud how nice it would be if I could just spot something different!

I drove up away from the city, and within a couple of miles, I spotted one pair of geese in a field.  I pulled off to the side of the road and opened the passenger window.


Notice how the goose on rthe right has a crook in its neck? Judging from their behavior, I surmised that goose *must* be the male…perhaps he was trying to court the other and I was interrupting. Anyway, that goose began honking so loudly, the other turned its back to me as though wordlessly stating Go away!  Which I did!

I drove a little further and saw a small flock of wild turkeys enjoying a cornfield, but they were too far in the distance to get a good photo. It was at this point that I realized all the animal kingdom must have spring fever!

I was driving just a short distance from home when I saw a fox in a field. Of course, when I circled around and came back in the Explorer, the fox figured I was after it, and gave chase……


stopping short of the crest of the hill to look back at me! These photos are not great….I didn’t get out to take them as I thought the fox would have just run even faster!


I haven’t seen so many birds and animals moving about since last fall. I do think humans must not be the only ones suffering from spring fever!

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  1. Katya – we have the deer that come down through the woods each evening to feed (drives the scotties crazy!) and saw my first pair of sandhill cranes this season. Hear the owl calling at night and his mate returning in kind. Snow is trying to melt but another storm coming in tomorrow night. Watching for the green to just appear one day outside my window as it does every spring. One day everything is brown and the next it starts to change. I swear….I can see it grow!

  2. Awesome. We are having signs of spring life here too. Saw the first sandhill cranes of the season. The deer are comong down through the woods every night like clockwork (drive the scotties crazy since they can’t get at them) Soon everything will start to turn green!

  3. How cool that you got a red fox picture. I’ve been hoping to catch one of my cardinal friends, but they never seem to be in sight. I hear them often, but I rarely see them.

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