This afternoon, once far away from Mark and the kids,  I called Carly to tell her about the strange experience I had this morning. I just had to tell someone, and since Carly knows me best, I figured she would get a kick out of my misfortune….

Carly answered her cell phone and sounded quite uncomfortable. Upon inquiring what happened, she explained to me that she and her kids had gone to a cemetery to take some pictures.  As she walked along,  she stepped on what she thought was snow, but was really ice….lost her footing and landed somewhat on one side, on her back. As she talked, she said she was glad she didn’t land on her head! The visual this created in my mind mortified me! Could you imagine if she had knocked herself out and the kids had to dial 911 and explain? in a cemetery?

Carly’s encounter made mine dim greatly and I had no reluctance in telling her what had happened….I  got out of the tub this morning, wrapped in a towel, and put my contacts in.  After about an hour, when I was trying to read, it became evident to me that my left lens was missing.  I searched all over where I had been. I looked on the floor, the table, even the towel I had around me. No contact.

Early in the afternoon, I could no longer stand the “lopsided” feeling of wearing one contact.  I went upstairs and took the lens out. As I rubbed it to clean it, it suddenly doubled itself!

Yessirree….I have no idea exactly how I managed, but I had been wearing TWO contacts, piggy-backed, in one eye! As the lenses soaked, they came apart and I was able to distinguish the left from right lens.

I think one lens had flipped and conformed to my finger. Since my up-close vision isn’t so great,  I missed seeing it and placed the other lens on the same finger. Then, the lenses, being wet with solution, fused themselves together to become one lens! The strangest part of this entire story is that today is the day I am supposed to throw these lenses out and replace them with a fresh pair!

So….could it possibly be something in the air? After all, it isn’t every day that one falls flat on her back in a cemetery. nor places two contacts in one eye!