Sampson State Park

As promised last night, I am writing and photographing a gorgeous park located on Seneca Lake. Seneca Lake is, like all of the Finger Lakes, a glacial lake. It is the largest Finger Lake, and the second deepest lake in the US. It is home of the best lake trout fishing as well and was named for the Seneca Nation of Indians.

Because of its great depth, Seneca Lake has been used for submarine testing.

The beautiful area that is now named Sampson State Park began as a Naval training base, then became an Air Force base. Now, the area is a New York State park with some of the most beautiful views! The park has over 200 sites for camping, a marina for boats, and a wonderful museum. It boggles my mind that such a strong military area would eventually become an area open to the public for their pleasure.

As one enters the park, this friendly sailor is there to greet you!


Here is the plaque placed at his feet…


This large “modernistic” sculpture of an eagle is amazing…at its base is a granite platform with etchings of various aircraft used during the parks tenure as an Air Force Base.


Every turn one makes to the west, the lake is in full view. This has to be among  the prettiest parks in the state, and Seneca Lake is so very beautiful.  As one looks over across the lake, large farms come into view. These are some of the largest and most picturesque farms seen in New York State.  Also located around this lake are many micro-breweries, producing wines manufactured from grapes grown on the slopes surrounding the lake.




Outdoor museums rock! This particular museum displays a collection of aircraft, guns, and memorials of those soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

As we drove through the park, we only saw a couple of cars. We know that within just a few weeks, this place will be once again hopping with campers, boaters, and sunbathers. But for now………….

doesn’t the park bench in this photo look like the finest place to just drink in the views and do some soul-searching?